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“Aidentified is going to revolutionize the way mortgage people really prospect and deliver high quality content.” - Joe Dahleen, HomeScout, LLC

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Getting Started: Uploading your LinkedIn Connections

Getting Started: Uploading your Google,, and iCloud Contacts

Building Teams: Grow your Sphere of Influence

Integrating with Chime

Integrating with Salesforce

“Once our team and the mortgage teams discover the POWER that Aidentified gives you it's kind of a whole new way of doing business.” - Joe Dahleen, HomeScout, LLC

Use Cases

Discover new ways to prospect new clients or stay connected to current clients.

Monitor your Connections Career Events

Monitor your connections and your expanded network for promotions, IPOs, insider stock sales and more. Be the first to congratulate them and open up the communication to help them with their new-found fortune.

Fuel conversations with robust professional and consumer info

Enrich your contacts and leverage our carefully curated database of over 80M professional and 210M consumer profiles to fuel targeted conversations with prospects and clients. Understand firmographics like company, title, and even inferred income and demographics like age, household members, and personal interests like golf or cooking, and understand. All this data will help you better qualify and target your business proposition.

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