Getting Started

"This is the best prospecting tool I’ve seen in my 29 years. Aidentified notified me of a big client's $100M investment in his company and we’re opening up more business. We might not have found this until the next annual review. This is such valuable intel."

Curtis EstesWealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

"As the strategic partner of Aidentified for the lender channel, we are perfectly positioned to help our clients optimize conversions and help grow their business."

David CampPresident of Homescout

Upload your Connections

Get real-time notifications on your network so you can proactively congratulate them on selling their company or their promotion. Stay relevant with current clients and fuel conversations with new prospects.

Go to Connect >> Follow the instructions for uploading LinkedIn

Watch this demo to learn more.

Grow your Network: Build out your team

Have trusted peers? Expand your network by building teams with those who would be happy to make an introduction. Create as many teams as you'd like with your trusted employees, different branches within your organization, an admin, legal counsel, or even your friends.

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll give you instructions on how to register your team for free. Then we'll connect them to your network for you!

Watch this demo to learn more.

Start Prospecting

Prospect Finder: Begin searching your ideal prospects in the Prospect Finder tab. Search by professional information, financial events, or management changes.

Saved Filters: Create saved filters for custom opportunity notifications.

Aidentified Sidecar: Don't forget to download our Chrome Extension for seamless prospecting directly in LinkedIn or corporate websites.

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